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Senin, 14 Januari 2019

First Aid When Stung by Water Animals

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First Aid When Stung by Water Animals

Stung by aquatic animals - Being preoccupied with snorkelling, sometimes the feet can be accidentally stung by sea urchins or other poisonous aquatic animals. However, do not panic fast, do the first aid hurt by the following marine animals.

Many dangers lurk when engrossed in snorkelling, ranging from bumping to coral reefs, stung by jellyfish and stingrays, stepping on sea urchins, and being bitten by sea snakes. Stings of marine animals can cause symptoms such as pain in the location of stings, skin redness, swollen skin, fever, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, sweating. Sometimes stinging aquatic animals can even cause seizures, difficulty breathing, paralysis to heart rhythm disorders.

Various Stung First Aid Marine Animals

If your friend or family is stung by a marine animal, immediately take it to the nearest hospital or doctor. Also, do the following first-aid stung by marine animals:

  •     Jellyfish

    When stung by jellyfish, the first sting of sea animals that can do is to wash the area hurt with vinegar (acetic acid). Vinegar is known to kill nematocytes (poison cells in jellyfish) and stop the flow of poisons. If not available, wash the body parts that are stung with sea water or warm water. Avoid washing the stung area with cold water, because it will only make the pain worse. After that, take it immediately to the nearest hospital to get the right treatment.

  •     Sea urchins

    Don't panic if you stabbed with sea urchins. Keep calm and remove the thorn fractures stuck in the skin using clean tweezers. After that, clean the injured area using warm water and soap as a first aid stung by aquatic animals. Make sure that the sea urchin spines wholly removed. If not, sting wounds can become inflamed to cause joint and muscle pain. To help reduce the pain you can take painkillers, such as paracetamol.

  •     Stingray

    You can get stingray stings when you accidentally step on the tail. If that happens, immediately call an ambulance or go to the nearest hospital. It takes expert medical personnel to pull out the stingray bones that are stuck in the skin. First aid stung by sea animals that you can do is clean the injured area using sea water or warm water.

  •     Coral reefs

    Enjoyment while playing can be a little disturbed if accidentally the skin is scratched by a coral reef. The first aid that can do is to clean the wound with soap and fresh water. If it hurts, you can use vinegar (acetic acid) or isopropyl alcohol to reduce pain. Don't forget to wash the wound every day with an antiseptic or apply antibiotic ointment 3-4 times per day. If signs of infection appear, immediately visit a doctor to get the right treatment.

  •     Sea snakes

    Stung by aquatic animals - More than 52 species of sea snakes and until all these types can emit when biting. If it exposed to a poisonous sea snake bite, it is recommended to immediately close and bandage the wound gently, try not to move the bitten body part. Don't suck snake venom from snake bites because this is not proven to have a good effect. Immediately go to the nearest hospital after the wound has been wrapped to get further treatment.

Before you start snorkelling, it's good to find out in advance what harmful animals are in that location. After that, also know first aid stung by aquatic animals to overcome them. The most important thing is, do not move much after by marine animals, because it will only accelerate the spread of poisons in the body.

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