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Rabu, 09 Januari 2019

Do not Consider Trivial, Recognise The Symptoms of Hearing The Loss In Children

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Do not Consider Trivial, Recognise The Symptoms of Hearing The Loss In Children

Hearing loss does not only occur in adults but also children. This disorder should not be considered trivial. Come on, find out how to detect and treat hearing loss in children.

Having good hearing is one of the essential things in a child's growth and development. Without proper handling, hearing loss in children can interfere with language development, speech, and children's social interaction.

Various Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. There are various causes of hearing the loss in children, including heredity, premature birth, head injury, measles, chicken pox, flu, often exposed to noise, and ear disease. One of the children's ear diseases that cause hearing loss is otitis media.

Also, hearing loss in children can also cause by health problems suffered by mothers when pregnant, such as diabetes and preeclampsia.

Some symptoms that indicate the hearing loss in children is:

  • Does not respond when called.
  • They are having a speech delay and having difficulty learning because they cannot hear the material given by the teacher.
  • Mumble or speak in a loud voice.
  • Difficult to pronounce a word correctly.
  • Often hear a buzzing sound.
  • Difficult to follow directions.
  • Watch television with a loud volume.
  • I am often asking others to repeat words.
If you find symptoms of hearing the loss in your child, you should immediately consult an ENT doctor. The faster the expected hearing loss in children can be overcome sooner the better the results.
Ways to Overcome Hearing Loss

In children who have symptoms of hearing loss, the doctor will perform a hearing test and other examinations if needed, to find out the hearing loss that may suffer and the cause.

To overcome hearing loss in children, there are several ways you can do:

  • Cleanse and remove foreign objects that clog the ears

Cleaning the ears is one way that can be done to overcome hearing loss. Avoid using a cotton bud, because it risks pushing the dirt in deeper.

Be careful when cleaning your child's ears. To be safer, Father and Mother can take the Little One to the ENT doctor to clean his ears.

  • Take medication

To deal with hearing loss caused by otitis media, use anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics from your doctor, according to the dosage and method of use recommended by the doctor.

  • Using a hearing aid

The use of this tool is one way to overcome hearing loss in children. Hearing aids are usually in the form of small devices placed on the bones behind the ears, to help children hear sounds more clearly.

  • Undergo surgery

Some hearing disorders need to create with surgery. However, surgery is usually only done to deal with the hearing loss that cannot be overcome by administering drugs or other methods.

Also, some children who experience hearing loss may need to use sign language and conduct speech therapy to facilitate communication.

Symptoms of hearing loss in children should not be considered trivial. It is recommended to immediately check the child to the doctor to ascertain the cause and get appropriate treatment.

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